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"I'm Jonathan Senior, chairman and founder of We have now moved with the times and technology to become VeriSmart. And this is our amazing opportunity..."

Welcome to VeriSmart and a very smart business opportunity.

Working within the growing private rented sector of the UK's property industry, here is a business opportunity to earn a typical income of between £50K and £100K per annum.

VeriSmart has been in business supplying letting agents and private landlords with the essentially required inspections and reports for over 20 years, formally as and now the re-branded VeriSmart name.

VeriSmart is a national organisation with Licensees and their support teams UK wide, providing a trademarked product unrivalled within the Lettings Industry. A product that saves our many clients an incalculable amount of time and money in comparison to other similar services. And it is this revolutionary product that means that the UK's rental market is in desperate need for more highly trained VeriSmart Licensees and their Inventory Clerks in areas like yours.

Depending on the geographical area you live in will depend on what opportunities are available and to find out more about how you can become part of this recession proof business, please see our opportunity page.

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